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Forex Broker cashback - Trade360


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Trade360, the revolutionary CrowdTrading platform of Currency Pairs, Commosities, Stocks, CFDs and Indices, was founded in 2013 by an experienced group of trading entrepreneurs and technology experts who share this common vision and joined forces to make it a reality.
Trade360 is strictly regulated under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), the prevailing European Union law introduced in 2007 to maintain the integrity of financial companies operating within the show more »

Trade360 pioneer Trading Platform utilizes advanced data analysis and trading techniques to highlight the knowledge and wisdom inherent in a large group of traders. Traders can now examine the movements and behavior of the collective in real time and recognize market trends more quickly and accurately.

What is CrowdTrading?
CrowdTrading is a brand new way for everyone to enjoy Online Trading. It’s all about putting big data in the hands of the people - not the bankers and brokers.
CrowdTrading is based on a concept known as the Wisdom of the Crowd. In recent years, researchers in the field of cognitive science have been studying why people, as a collective, can make better decisions than individual experts. While they continue to probe the heart of the matter, Trade360 has taken a giant leap forward by introducing the Wisdom of the Crowd to the world of online trading
Trade360 has taken this idea and made it work for Online Trading. At the core of the platform is our unique Live Feed. Each box is a different Crowd Event that you can click on to explore, before you open a Trade.

Trade360 Unique Live Feed
The Live Feed aggregates Crowd-generated events, in an easy-to-understand live-stream on the right side of the screen.
Events are automatically generated by Trade360’s advanced algorithm, and The Live Feed shows these hot new trends just as they’re starting, as well as how many people are buying and selling an asset right now. These trends are money-making opportunities. You can go along with the majority – or go the other way, as you wish.


Forex, Forex cashbacks, cashbacks, Risk free trade

Type of broker: Forex Broker
Minimum Deposit: 300 USD
Cashback: 150 $
Minimum Trade Amount: No
Maximum Trade Amount: No
Payouts: 95%
Office: Cyprus
Foundation year: 2013
Markets: Stocks, Indices, CFDs, Commodities, Currencies, Energies, Shares, Bonds, ETFs and Bitcoin.
Overall Score: 9.8/10

$125 $150 cashback
16 Nov 2016

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